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Soap Nuts

If you have not tried soap nuts, please do!
You won’t find toxic chemicals here ~ just a natural gift from a tree!

What is a Soap Nut?
A soap that grows on trees of course!

Across Nepal and India a wonderful tree grows called the Soapberry Tree. This tree grows a berry – the unique outer shell or husk (the soap nut) is rich in natural saponins. When the husk is added to water the saponins (natural surfactants) are released.

Go Green with Soap Nuts
When you purchase and use soap nuts, you not only are protecting your health and our environment but are helping promote an industry of hardworking individuals who harvest these fruits as a way of life.

Gentle & effective for washing cloth diapers, family laundry, hand washables (including silk & wool). Use for anything that needs cleaning; including the family car!

Economical & eco-friendly - Fabric colors remain bright - Natural fabric softener – no need for artificial fabric softeners - Safe for HE, front load washers, and dishwashers (low-sudsing) - Allergy-free - Anti-microbial, safe for septic systems.

Sample - Soap Nuts
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Soap Nuts (100gr) - 3.52 oz.
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Soap Nuts (500gr) - 1lb 1.63 oz
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